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You may also complete this form and mail back to:

American Public Power Association
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prior approval and why do I/my utility need to sign a form?

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires PowerPAC to obtain written approval from APPA members before it may solicit and accept contributions from employees of the member utility. Granting prior approval does not obligate the utility or its employees to support the PAC – it simply gives APPA permission to communicate in much greater detail about the PAC to certain employees (a member’s general manager, executive team, managers and other salaried, exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act) and the role it plays in supporting the interests of public power in Washington.

Can anyone from the utility sign the prior approval form?

Prior approval may be granted by anyone so authorized by the utility. This includes the utility’s General Manager/CEO but may also include those designated to represent the utility at APPA conferences/meetings.

Do I have to sign a prior approval form every year? Can I withdraw approval?

Prior approval may be granted for up to five (5) consecutive years by the utility and may be withdrawn at any time. Only one approval form is required per utility or entity.

Will PowerPAC directly solicit employees at my utility?

That is determined by you. By signing a prior approval form, you can grant PowerPAC three levels of permission: 1) a full commitment to solicit all eligible individuals; 2) a list of selected individuals to solicit; or 3) only allow PowerPAC to solicit yourself.

Can we still to contribute to PowerPAC if my utility has our own Federal PAC?

Yes. Even if your utility has a federal PAC, your employees can still contribute up to $5,000 each year to PowerPAC.

If our utility or firm signs a prior approval form, can APPA members contribute to other PACs?

A firm cannot give approval to more than one trade association PAC per year to solicit its employees. However, this does not preclude firm employees from contributing to a state PAC, candidate PAC, corporate PAC, or an ideological PAC (i.e., AARP).

Why should you grant prior approval?

In addition to not being able to accept or solicit contributions, APPA cannot communicate important information on PowerPAC's activities without a prior approval form. PowerPAC does not accept unsolicited contributions.

Please note: Only the primary contact for an organization can give prior approval authorization. If you are unsure if you are the primary contact, or have other questions, contact Steve Medved at or at 202-467-2928.